What is Skål?

Skål is the only international organization whose members are actors in all sectors of the tourism industry.  These professionals gather at the local, national and international levels in an atmosphere of friendship to talk about topic that are of mutual interest.

The word Skål comes from Scandinavia and has a long tradition. The "Skål", a bowl with a welcome drink, was offered to visitors when they entered the home. One would say "Skål" as a sign of friendship.

The letters of the word Skål mean: Sundhet (Good Health) Kärlek (Friendship) Alder (Long Life) Lycka (Happiness).

The first club was established in Paris, in 1932.  It was created by members of travel agencies and airlines who were taking part in a fam tour of Scandinavia.  A true bond of friendship between the participants came out of this trip.

In 1934, the Skål movement extended to different countries.  This extension became the foundation for the International Association of Skål-Clubs (IASC). Florimond Volckaert became its founder and first president.  Ever since its creation and throughout its existence, Skål is a part of current events with over 22,000 members, all of them tourism professionals, belonging to some 500 clubs, found in 80 countries worldwide.  The General Offices are located  in Torremolinos, Spain.

Skål International includes an executive committee comprised of 9 members, an inter-regional council where a majority of countries are represented and the general assembly.

The Clubs and inter regional committees welcome professional, encourages internal debates and discussions and take over the administrative tasks.

National and inter regional conventions take place yearly ,as well as the World Convention, during which the different clubs meet to make the important decisions regarding the movement. 

The Saskatoon club, no 321, was founded on February 11th, 1968, at the instigation of the ?? Club.  Its first president was W.R. Milliken.


Being made up of Travel, Tourism and Transport Professionals, the business advantage of joining Skål is obvious. By attending local meetings, National and International Congresses and other events, members are able to meet industry colleagues from clubs throughout the world and above all to network with their colleagues in the industry. These meetings, held in an atmosphere of "amicale", give members the chance to make contacts, on both a business and personal level, and to forge new and lasting friendships.

Skål is totally non-political and does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, race, religion, politics or social standing. It does, though, support charitable causes.


  • Contacts for Business - more than 20,000 tourism related companies to choose from.
  • Speakers & Discussions - annual Tourism Forum and many opportunities to attend seminars, nationally and locally.
  • Networking - 22,000 tourism professionals worldwide with whom to make contact.
  • Starting a New Business - Skål is an ideal way to meet new professional contacts.
  • Moving to a new City - Use Skål to meet the other tourism professionals there.
  • Worldwide Opportunities - annual Congress and almost 90 countries to choose from.
  • Friendship and Amicale - develop new friends within the travel and tourism industry.
  • Travelling - many opportunities to attend national, regional and international congresses often offering special travel arrangements.
  • Monthly Meetings - opportunities to meet local colleagues in the industry and the occasion to use local functions to entertain business associates.
  • Skål News - quarterly magazine edited by Skål International has news and articles of an international nature.
  • Access to the Skål Database - Membership Directory Worldwide with close to 22,000 contacts at your finger-tips.
  • Membership Advantages - as a Skålleague your membership of the Association will be recognised in many ways as you travel.
  • Florimond Volckaert Fund - help for members and their families who have fallen on hard times through loss of employment, illness, etc.
  • Locally and Internationally, a warm welcome awaits all visiting Skålleagues. Each club has a varied programme of professional activities with a social content.


Every tourism professional, in managerial capacity is eligible for membership of Skål International, provided they have worked in the travel and tourism industry for at least three years. Your membership application should be proposed and seconded by two existing members of Skål and submitted to the Club nearest you. Information on all the Clubs worldwide is available on SkålNet at www.skal.org You can also e-mail the General Secretariat at [email protected] for information on the Club nearest you. Membership is effective on receipt of your official membership card which is renewed annually. This is your passport to 22,000 travel and tourism professionals worldwide.