Down East Feast

Every year the Saskatoon SKAl Club has a summer BBQ and this year what a BBQ it was!!  Lloyd Beazley and his wife Terry made a decision to host the extravaganza this year and decided to put on a spread that many (if not most of us) have never had before.

Lloyd's heritage is from Maritimes and each year he hosts his own family for a Down East Feast so that his kids, grandkids and the rest of the family can have an attachment to their roots, usually a group of about 10 people.  He decided to host the club using the same menu, and that ended up being 30 of us...a big challenge. (It should be noted that this is the biggest turnout we have ever had to a summer BBQ)

What is a Down East Feast?  Seafood of course!  Lloyd made a menu that represented the Maritimes well, and even ensured that the "beverages" and the music also fitted the theme...right down to the Newfoundland Screech.

The menu consisted of salmon, scallops, PEI mussels, lobster, and Lloyd's own, incredibly delicious, homemade seafood chowder, which even included Dulce, plus many other items for us to indulge in (Click on the PDF below to see the menu).

To say that this event was a treat would be an understatement.  Lloyd started preparations a few days prior to the event and had help from Michael on the day of the event with the food preparation.  Several other club members came early to help set up the tables, tent, BBQ's etc.  (Thank you Susan & Ron, Ed & Karen, and Sharon & Friets) and clean up was a breeze with everybody pitching in. 

The problem we have now is how do we top this event in the future??

Lloyd and Terry you outdid yourselves and your hard work was very much appreciated.  THANK YOU!

Down East Feast (Click to see Pictures)


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