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SKAL International Canada Newsletter - May 2014

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SKALorship Winners Recognized

On April 16th a SKAL Dinner was held at SIAST - Kelsey Campus hosted and served by the students of the Hotel & Restaurant Management Program with the food being prepared by students from the Culinary Arts Program.  

As part of the dinner two students from SIAST Hospitality programs were recognized. They were the recipients of scholarships that SKAL Saskatoon (Club 321) funds each year. Monica Kwasney from the Hotel & Restaurant Management Program (Pictured on the right)  and Allison Morgan from the Recreation & Tourism Program enjoyed a 6 course gourmet dinner had an opportunity to speak to, and socialize with, many of Saskatoon's hospitality leaders.

Both SIAST programs appreciate the support from the club and the scholarships provided to deserving students.

(Click on the link below to view Todd Brandt, Club President, with the two SIAST students)


Saskatoon Club Proposes SICAN Statute Revision

At the Saskatoon Club meeting on March 18th the Executive
approved submitting a statute change to the SICAN AGM. The statute proposal was
then discussed with the membership that same evening and the club approved.

The intent of the club's submission is to provide an avenue
for some discussion on the matter.  It is our hope to improve the
functioning of SICAN by positive discussion and improvements. 

We are not interested in creating  significant
disruption rather the opposite.  I know President Rolf has
indicated a statute revision would provide some clarity to the matter
(email of March 19th).  However, if at some point the Executive is not in
favour of a discussion at the AGM on this matter as they feel this would do
more harm than good to SICAN our club would most likely withdraw our submission
for the benefit of SICAN.

Any questions can be directed back to me as Club EST. Lloyd W. Beazley EST SKÅL International Saskatoon #321